About Tom Smith

I grew up in a Norman Rockwell-like town, Bridgeville, Delaware. During high school and vacations from college I worked at James's 5 and 10. Here I learned a great deal about retail, but would not get to use that knowledge until many years later.

I went away to college, first Wesley college in Dover and then on to the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque.  I fell in love with the Southwest and stayed for 12 years.  I had a great career in the hospitality industry, working in hotel management at some of the best hotels in the state. In 1980 my partner, Schuyler, and I moved back to Delaware, eventually settling in Dover.  I was again working in hotel management, but by 1989 I knew that I wanted to do something different.  My interest in history, pride in my native Delaware, and early retail experience seemed to jell into an idea:  a retail concept called Delaware Made.  This would be a shop that featured items made in or related to the First State.  We would promote Delaware artisans, local crafts and just about anything related to Delaware.

Our shop is located in "the old Sears building" as many locals call it.  We hope to continue a retail tradition in this location for many years.

About Schuyler Anderson

I grew up on a very large ranch in New Mexico (Lincoln County).  Smokey the Bear was rescued only 15 miles from my home, Billy the Kid’s infamous exploits were a short 30 miles away, and Roswell and Trinity Site (our first A-Bomb test ) -these were the neighborhoods I knew.  El Paso, Texas  was where my Mother and I spent many fun weekends.

Did I mention my Mother was born in Recife, Brazil. She was also my Auntie Mame.  Just because we lived 20 miles on a dirt road to the nearest town was no reason  for me to be sheltered.  Our home was a delightful menagerie of Russian E’migres, ballet instructors, and all  manner of lively folk.  Her joy d’vive still makes me smile today.

I attended Austin College and the University of New Mexico and majored in industrial psychology.  My interest in people led me to a career in Sales, traveling half of the state of New Mexico for Deluxe check printers.  While
in Albuquerque I met my partner Thomas Smith and knew I would live on the East Coast.

We moved to Dover and I worked for a wonderful restaurant on the shores of Silver Like.  I grew to love Delaware and became very interested in the history of my adopted state.  I have the distinction of living in 2 of the 50 states everyone finds confusing:  Del-a-where? and New Mexico, is that a foreign country?

In 1989 we started Delaware Made to “Make money, have fun, and be ethical”.  My partner works full time at the shop and I work for the state of Delaware, Division of Corporations.  Please join us in celebrating our tiny state, and its’ Small Wonders, many of which are in our shop.  We encourage your comments and questions.